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You can buy our music online. It's only $0.99 per song at iTunes , Amazon , Google Play or CD Baby. Or shop at the ARTB online store.

What do we sound like? 'Organic Soul'...'Free Range'... 'Curtis Mayfield meets Taj Mahal at the Oregon Country Fair'...

Alexander's Real Time Band is a performance, touring and recording ensemble. The usual suspects are Sarah 'Frankie' Linderman (drums, voice), Susan Peck (keyboards, voice), Whit Draper (guitar, bass) and myself, Alan Alexander III (songs and stuff). 

Other musicians who have joined me at gigs and/or in the studio include
Jolie Clausen, Hershel Yatovitz, Mary Flower, Leah Hinchcliff, Kathryn Grimm, Danny Lamb, Poeina Suddarth, Felicia Figueroa, Mark Simon, Art Alexander, Nancy Durham, Ward Griffiths, Mel Kubik, Newel Briggs and Mary Sue Tobin (to name a few).

I am blessed and truly grateful to have so many talented friends who enjoy playing my music. But sometimes the live gig is just me singing my original tunes solo and accompanying myself with fretless bass, walkabout dulcimer, guitar, piano or whatever other instrument I can get my hands on. Whether it's the quartet, trio, duo or just me, I think you will have fun anyway.

It's about the songs. I'm a songwriter. It's just what I do. I hope you enjoy them. Thanks for visiting my site and thanks for listening.

--alan alexander iii


You can also visit Alexander's Real Time Band on the web at: 
Dub Squad Music, BMI 

Summer! - June 25, 2016


Alan after a haircut from Frankie, leaving for Maui. May 2016 

It seems for the last 3 years or so I have only managed to get a couple of journal posts a year up on this site. The last one was 6 months ago. Same for the post before that. It's this musical theatre business that is keeping me so occupied and I'm loving it!

I recently returned from about 5 weeks on the road; 8,000 miles, 9 cities! It was a combination of business and pleasure. Highlights included musical reunions with Poeina Suddarth (in LA) and Felicia Figueroa (in Tucson); studio recording sessions with Susan Peck (in Albuquerque) and Angela Pope (in Taos); and Theatre site visits in Eugene (OCT), Ashland (OSF), Albuquerque (Adobe Theatre) and Maui (Maui Children's Theatre). Whew! For details check #dsmtour2016

In addition to promotional work for Alan's Confectionery (#AlansConfectionery), I'm in development for 2 new musicals, 'Homeless' (in collaboration with Kathryn Grimm) and 'Grand Jury'.

All this focus on theatre and recording means fewer live performances for ARTB. You can catch Whit live around town with his Jump / Swing band The Sportin' Lifers, Frankie is gearing up for recording with German singer/songwriter, Oli Heine, Susan is busy leading the choir and house band for the Unitarian Universalist Church of Albuquerque and I'll be performing once again with the Sleepy Hollow crew Friday and Saturday night, July 8, 9 at the 2016 Oregon Country Fair.

Next ARTB gig won't be until the annual Helsing Junction Sleep Over / K Records Fest in August (watch here for details soon).

Also, expect 2 new studio releases from ARTB before the summer is over.

As always, thank you so much for your support. For us, it's all about service. Making music is how we do it. You are why we do it! Have a healthy, happy summer!!!

Happy New Year 2016! - January 1, 2016

artb2016.JPGARTB (clockwise): Whit Draper (strings), Susan Peck (keys, vocals, songs), Alan Alexander III (strings, keys, vocals, songs), Rihana Mungin (merch & tour support), Frankie Linderman (drums, vocals) 

Happy New Year! 

This web site and blog is now officially 8 years old. The first blog entry (still here) was posted in Jan 2008. The first ARTB gig was a year before that in March of 2007. Wow! Time flies when you're making music.

In 2007 and most of 2008 Alexander's Real Time Band was a solo act, just me singing my tunes while playing bass or guitar or dulcimer. Then in June of 2008 I met Sarah 'Frankie' Linderman. Frankie joined me on drums and ARTB became a duo. In 2009 Whit Draper jumped on board bringing excellent guitar and bass chops and we became a trio. Finally in the fall of 2010 singer, songwriter, pianist, Susan Peck, rounded things out and ARTB became the quartet that we have been for the last five years.

In that time we have done dozens performances in Portland. Frankie, Susan and I have also toured as a trio up and down the I-5 corridor, from the Bay Area to the San Juan Islands. That includes many highway miles singing together in the van and playing late night cards in some hotel room after the show. Great memories!

susan2014.jpgComposer, Arranger, Conductor, Pianist, Vocalist, Susan Peck

So its in a sad but congratulatory spirit the we say Bon Voyage to our dear sister Susan Peck as she moves to Albuquerque New Mexico. I cannot adequately express the gratitude I have for Susan as a creative partner, muse, confidant, bandmate and best friend over the last 5 years. 

She has touched so many lives with her music during her time here in Oregon; performing with PDX Vox, Classical Revolution, as the Music Director for the United Church of Christ in Lake Oswego, as the Music Director for the Unitarian Universalist Church of Washington County, as the pianist in countless Opera recitals, with dozens of individual piano and voice students, and of course with Alexander's Real time Band.

But the folks in Albuquerque aggressively recruited Susan during a national search for a new music director. In the end, they made her an offer she couldn't refuse. So our loss is their gain. This is a great career opportunity for Susan and we are all very happy for her.

Still, we are going to miss her like crazy.

All is not lost however. Through the wonders of technology you will still be hearing Susan's voice or keyboards on future ARTB studio releases. So keep listening.

We love you dearly Speck. Namaste.

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Zoom Zoom Zoom - July 22, 2015

Smiling for the camera at the Dramatists Guild Conference in La Jolla, CA (July 2015)

Wow! 2015 is more than half over and this is only the second entry in this journal for the entire year! It's been that busy! 

Back in January, we presented the public premiere of my musical, Alan's Confectionery, as a staged reading for the 2015 Fertile Ground Festival of New Works for the Theatre. That performance was huge success. It was a sold out show with a line of folks trying to get in and, when it was over, the cast received a standing ovation!

After that performance, I immediately dove into re-writes (gotta do it), studio recordings of the score with the original cast & band and setting up a promotional tour for the spring and summer.

To date, that tour has included a 3 day trip to Ashland, OR to meet with staff and company actors from Oregon Shakespeare Festival (and to catch a few plays). We are taking our first steps into their new play development submission process.

We have also spent time visiting and talking with folks from Oregon Contemporary Theatre in Eugene. Their recent production of 'Dontrell, Who Kissed the Sea' featured two members of the original 'Alan’s Confectionery' cast, Seth Rue and Carmen Brantley-Payne. 

But the most amazing part of the promo tour so far was my recent visit to La Jolla, CA for the National Dramatist Guild conference! This was an amazing four day event featuring excellent Keynote and guest speakers including, Marsha Norman, Lydia Diamond, Amanda Green, Stephen Schwartz, Stephen Bray, Kristen & Roberto Lopez and many more.

In addition to making great personal and business connections, I learned so much about the craft of the playwright and composer! It was a very inspirational experience!

I also had the opportunity to do two performances while I was there. The first was for the Dramatists Guild’s Songwriter/Bookwriter exchange in which songwriters were given the opportunity to perform for playwrights looking for a composer. Meanwhile composers looking for playwrights were given the opportunity to hear new scripts. My song, 'The Skinny’, was a big hit (and job offers are coming in)!

Reunited with old friend and first music teacher David Timothy Smith

I also had the opportunity to do a performance with my longtime friend and mentor David Timothy Smith. David and I met as teenagers in St. Louis back in the late sixties. We performed through high school and college in a band called Kudu. It was an indelible time In which I became obsessed with the idea of writing and performing music. We had not seen with each other since 1987 so this was an emotional reunion.

David has been holding court at the legendary San Diego piano bar, Albie’s Beef Inn, for over a decade where he dazzles audiences with his encyclopedic knowledge of the great American songbook and his incredible piano skills. It was truly an honor to perform songs from Alan's Confectionery for the Albie’s audience with David and his partner, jazz singer Cat Jefferson, adding amazing vocal and keyboard support.

Whew! I have a short breather now that I’m back in PDX. But what about ARTB? 

We have been doing fewer and fewer shows as the musical gains momentum but we  do have one coming up in August. It’s the 11th annual Helsing Junction Sleepover. Hope to see you there!

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