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You can buy our music online. It's only $0.99 per song at iTunes , Amazon , Google Play or CD Baby. Or shop at the ARTB online store.

What do we sound like? 'Organic Soul'...'Free Range'... 'Curtis Mayfield meets Taj Mahal at the Oregon Country Fair'...

Alexander's Real Time Band is a performance, touring and recording ensemble. The usual suspects are Sarah 'Frankie' Linderman (drums, voice), Susan Peck (keyboards, voice), Whit Draper (guitar, bass) and myself, Alan Alexander III (songs and stuff). 

Other musicians who have joined me at gigs and/or in the studio include
Jolie Clausen, Hershel Yatovitz, Mary Flower, Leah Hinchcliff, Kathryn Grimm, Danny Lamb, Poeina Suddarth, Felicia Figueroa, Mark Simon, Art Alexander, Nancy Durham, Ward Griffiths, Mel Kubik, Newel Briggs and Mary Sue Tobin (to name a few).

I am blessed and truly grateful to have so many talented friends who enjoy playing my music. But sometimes the live gig is just me singing my original tunes solo and accompanying myself with fretless bass, walkabout dulcimer, guitar, piano or whatever other instrument I can get my hands on. Whether it's the quartet, trio, duo or just me, I think you will have fun anyway.

It's about the songs. I'm a songwriter. It's just what I do. I hope you enjoy them. Thanks for visiting my site and thanks for listening.

--alan alexander iii

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You can also visit Alexander's Real Time Band on the web at: 
Dub Squad Music, BMI

So What's This Musical About Anyway? - January 16, 2015


Tickets to our Fertile Ground premiere are sold out!!

"Some folks can snatch the sweetness out of the cake and never crack the crust".

Alan's entrepreneurial spirit has navigated the family through the Great Depression and World War II. But at least one of his children is plagued with an unanswered question from the past, "What happened to Mama?”. The story takes place in St. Louis in the 30s and 40s. It's a story about family, a mother separated from her children by circumstance and a struggle that she shares with her oldest son to be reunited. The original score is heavily influenced by the music of that period. 

Your donations will help us bring this story to the big stage. You can donate by clicking right here. 


Fall 2014 Update - September 12, 2014


We had a great summer this year. Our last show of the summer season was the Helsing Junction Sleepover a few weeks ago. But that ends our scheduled performance season for 2014. All of my attention for the remainder of this year will be focused on 'Alan's Confectionery: the musical'.

I've been talking about this project on line and in concert for over a year now but the script is finally done and the score in nearing completion as well. Our upcoming reading for PDX Playwrights is just a couple of weeks away at Portland Center Stage. This is an invitation only event intended to generate feed back from actors, directors and other members of the local theater community. 

That reading will be followed by possible edits and rewrites to the current script, in preparation for the first scheduled public presentation at the Fertile Ground Festival of new theater works in January of 2015.

From there our plan (hope) is that the musical will move into a full production run with a theater company (TBD) here in Portland and/or elsewhere in the US in the fall of 2015. 

You can keep up with the latest by following the #alansconfectionery hashtag on Twitter or Facebook (we'll probably post to Twitter more). Or better yet visit our publishing web site for detailed updates.

Oh, and if you want to donate to the cause I'll love you forever (even more than I already do). You can do so by clicking right here.

ARTB will return to performance mode in March of 2015 to support the release of the soundtrack for Alan's Confectionery. Stay tuned (right here) for more details about that. 

Until then, we're wishing you a healthy and happy fall of 2014.

Spring into Summer 2014 - May 20, 2014

Alan Alexander Sr…. St. Louis 1933
Founder of Alan's Confectionery

Things have been extremely busy here at ARTB headquarters. So busy, in fact, that we will be doing even fewer performances this summer and fall. The main reason is that I am gearing up for the upcoming debut of 'Alan's Confectionery'. The first critical reading of the script is scheduled for October 7th at Portland Center Stage for PDX Playwrights. After that, the plan is for a public preview via Fertile Ground in February 2015.

The other exciting news is the massive update of our publishing company's website . The new site now includes a searchable database of all songs in the Dub Squad Music, BMI catalog (ARTB songs included). This will make it much easier to find, buy and/or license our music, including sheet music. Big thanks to Kara Kinley for the redesign and programming. The new site looks and works great! This will be the main place to find updates on Alan's Confectionery this summer.

That's it for now. Be sure to check out our calendar for up coming dates. Hope to see you sometime this summer. 

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